Renee Lachman
Takoma Park Recycle Art Project

I was excited to be named the first recycling artist-in residence with the Takoma Park Recycle Art Project. The project was created to demonstrate the link between art and environmental awareness. As part of the project, I used donated items to recreate some of the indigenous plants while also showing the essence of Takoma Park’s caring consciousness.

What I appreciate most about Takoma Park is its support of local artists and our culture of progressive environmental awareness. Residents of the “Azalea City” have a deep commitment to the natural world which we demonstrate individually, by composting and recycling in our homes, and on a community level, with our many initiatives for community gardens, beautification, and wildlife protection. Not only is Takoma Park a part of the Tree City USA tree planting and care program, but just last year it became Maryland’s first certified community wildlife habitat.

The Recycle Art Project was a wonderful opportunity to honor these roots; I’m thankful to Sally Bruckner and the Takoma Park Arts and Humanities Commission for giving me the space and resources to get messy, experiment, and talk with the community.

- July, 2012