• Artist Statement

    I'm fascinated with how things change over time: how objects become weathered and wrinkled and rusted and stained and frayed, how they grow and shrivel. Perhaps this comes from being a mother, or maybe it’s who I am as an observer and artist.

    These assemblages display facets of my personality, my thoughts and questions about the interaction of past and present. Underlying our everyday lives is an amalgam of moments, a childhood suddenly recalled from a kitchen knob in just the right shade, shape and size, or ancestry questioned in a print or pattern. Then, as suddenly as it appears, it dissolves; there’s beauty in this fading.

    My work in other mediums informs my choices just as my experiences have influenced my perceptions. From painting, color and abstraction, from sculpture, 3-dimensional forms, and from mosaics, the communication of parts to a whole; even mask-making is present in the work, as quizzical and laughing faces emerge from the arrangements.

    The things I collect -- whether of plastic, paper, iron or fabric -- speak to me even before I begin to arrange them. Each object persists in its own way; each has its own history. My art aims to assemble forgotten pieces into a harmonious whole, to capture time within a frame.